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Understand How a Ductless Mini Split Operates to Provide Optimal Efficiency

For efficient home cooling, a ductless mini split system is one of the best options on the market. This type of air conditioning system allows you to cool each room in the home individually. By cooling individual units rather than the entire home, you’re able to maximize the overall efficiency of your system while minimizing your expenses.

A ductless system is just as it sounds. It does not use any ducts as a traditional heating and cooling system would. Instead, the system is comprised of several small individual units. Each individually managed space has an indoor air handler and outdoor unit that work together to cool your home. These are connected with minimal wiring as well as two refrigerant lines. Ductless mini split technology was first developed in Japan as a manageable way to add air conditioning to the closely situated buildings there. With minimal space to work with, this type of compact system was ideal.

The same benefits translate well to individuals who are looking for a simple installation that will fit seamlessly into their existing home. No major renovation is necessary for a ductless mini split system. Installation is fast and simple, and your home will be cool and comfortable in no time. Historic buildings and other existing structures are easily outfitted with this non-intrusive system. The building’s overall construction isn’t altered at all, though the comfort level will increase drastically.

A ductless mini split system features separate units for every room. This is a highly efficient choice because it allows you to cool spaces individually. There’s no need to cool rooms that are empty, as you would in a home with a traditional air conditioning system connected by ductwork. When you have air conditioning ducts in your home, the cool air is sent through all the ductwork even when you have vents closed off to certain rooms. This is very inefficient and wastes a great deal of energy. With a ductless system, you only cool the rooms you need and no energy is wasted.

A ductless system also allows you to manage temperatures individually for the most comfort. Individual preferences are easy to accommodate with this type of home cooling system. If one family member prefers their room cooler than another at night, there will be no squabbles over the thermostat setting. Everyone can manage their individual environment to suit their tastes. This type of system is optimal for a business such as a bed and breakfast as well, where the ductless system would give each guest control over his or her own room.

Today’s ductless mini split systems can incorporate many types of advanced technology to improve their performance and make them easier to use. Advanced processors and INVERTER technology provide the ideal environment for each user and provide accurate temperatures. Indoor and outdoor units are easily managed with remote controls that put the power of climate control in the palm of your hand. Smart Coil design helps regulate the refrigerant and manage coil temperature for optimum performance. A filtration system ensures that the cool air coming into your home is clean and allergen-free.

Though there are some similarities in the appearance of window units and mini split units, mini split systems are quickly gaining popularity and becoming the preferred choice. Ductless systems offer better efficiency and a more aesthetically pleasing appearance. Though ductless systems don’t offer the do-it-yourself installation of a window unit, they are simple to incorporate into the home. The indoor unit connects to a wall or ceiling. Aside from the addition of a small exterior hole for the conduit connecting the indoor and outdoor units, no building alterations are needed.

While a window unit requires an open window, a ductless unit offers a more permanent installation that doesn’t leave your home vulnerable to intruders. Finally, your ductless unit will feature a quiet fan that runs smoothly while window units are notoriously loud and disruptive.

If you’re ready to go ductless, a professional consultation is the first step to help you choose the right system for your home. For additional information and expert advice on ductless systems, contact us at We proudly service customers throughout the state of Virginia.

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