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Different Ductless Mini Split Systems - Which One May Be Best for Your Home

Ductless mini splits are a practical heating and cooling solution for a wide range of installation and design specifications for remodels, retrofits, space conditioning, and even whole-home heating and cooling. As you're considering your options and trying to come to a decision about the best heating and cooling solution for your home-improvement project, take a closer look at Mitsubishi Electric ductless systems to see which configuration suits your needs.

Why Go Ductless?

Ductless mini splits provide home heating and cooling by refrigeration principles, which all heat pump systems utilize. However, in lieu of the bulky ducts of central systems, ductless systems deliver heating and cooling at each indoor air-handling unit (AHU). This technology offers advantages that no other home-comfort system delivers.

  • Each AHU is independently controlled, providing a genuine zoning system for each room or area (zone) in which an AHU is installed.
  • Air ducts are notorious energy wasters. This issue is non-existent in ductless mini splits.
  • Ductless systems are configurable and sizable to precisely match heating/cooling capacity of the AHU to the heating/cooling load of its zone, delivering optimal efficiency and comfort.
  • Ductless systems operate at substantially lower noise levels than forced-air systems.

Home Installation Zones

In ductless system terms, a zone is any room or area in a home where an AHU is installed, which may be determined by comfort necessity, efficiency requirements, home interior design or, usually, a combination of all these elements.

  • Single-zoned ductless mini splits are common solutions for space conditioning, providing practical heating and cooling for bonus rooms, home offices, remodels and new additions. Single-zoned ductless systems generally offer superior energy efficiency to other heating and cooling options, such as window A/C units, baseboard heating, space heaters, or extending the ductwork of forced-air systems.
  • Multi-zoned ductless mini splits utilize an outdoor unit that may connect to up to eight indoor AHUs. Multi-zoned systems are ideal for conditioning two or more rooms (zones) inside a home, such as keeping a stuffy upstairs bedroom cool while simultaneously keeping converted basement space warm and dry. One of the excellent benefits of multi-zoned systems is that you may add AHUs as needed.
  • M-Series by Mitsubishi Electric offers patent-pending H2i Hyper Heat Performance for exceptional energy efficiency. Full-capacity heating is delivered when outdoor temperatures dip to a frigid 5 degrees F, and provide more than 70-percent capacity at minus-13 degrees. M-Series systems are ideal for single- or multi-zoned space conditioning or solutions for remodels and room additions, and may be configured to provide small- to medium-sized whole-house heating and cooling with a modular design.
  • P-Series by Mitsubishi Electric is engineered to provide ample heating and cooling for larger rooms and areas, such as those in commercial buildings, churches, hotels and meeting rooms, and for large residential whole-home applications.

Both the M- and P-Series ductless systems offer the following advanced components and features:

  • Wide airflow enhancements optimize comfort.
  • Wireless, wired and hand-held controls are available for primary convenience.
  • Air filter enhancements remove allergens, viruses, odors and other airborne contaminants.
  • Hot-start technology in the heating cycle ensures maximum comfort.
  • A multi-speed direct-drive fan offers automatic airflow control.

Mounting Options

Ductless mini splits offer the option of installing up to eight indoor AHUs for each outdoor unit, depending on the heating and cooling needs specific to your project. The outdoor unit is typically smaller than conventional heat pump and A/C outdoor units, and they only require a small concrete slab for mounting, or they may be mounted to the exterior wall of the home. 

The indoor AHUs are sleek and space-saving by design, and are available in the following installation options:

  • Mounting - Surface mounting options are practical solutions for many projects, including heating and cooling remodeled rooms, sun rooms and new additions. Mounting options include high-wall, low-wall, ceiling and floor consoles.
  • Recessed - AHUs are available which may be recessed into a wall or ceiling, or hung flush in a drop ceiling panel.
  • Concealed - If aesthetics are important to your project, AHUs may be concealed inside a wall, ceiling or floor, as long as there's approximately one foot of clearance. The air-supply outlet and return grill are installed flush to the surface, which offers the look of conventional forced-air installations. Concealed installations are popular in multi-zoned installations, including whole-home heating and cooling, where AHUs exchange heat energy in a two-piping configuration, providing simultaneous heating and cooling when desired.

For more information about ductless mini split design and installation options in your Virginia home, contact us to speak with a Mitsubishi Electric Contractor near you.

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