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Why Choose Ductless Over Ducted A/C Systems?

If you’ll soon be considering a new air conditioning system, be sure to consider a variety of options, including a ductless air conditioning and heating system by Mitsubishi Electric. While ductless systems have been popular for years in Europe and Asia, they have been gaining steadily in popularity in the United States for many good reasons.

Ductless air conditioning works the same as ducted air conditioning in that an outdoor air compressor and condenser extracts the heat and cools the air to be used in your home. But there are important differences which are definite benefits. With a ductless system, a small indoor evaporator/air handler works along with an outdoor compressor/condenser which is connected to the air handler via copper tubing and PVC piping through a small hole in the outside wall of your home. The small air handler is usually hung high on the wall or ceiling of the room being cooled or heated. You can enjoy increased control over the areas you wish to heat or cool because each unit installed has its own temperature control.

Increase Energy Efficiency With Ductless Air Conditiioning

Unlike central air conditioning and heating systems, a ductless split system lets you cool or heat rooms or areas of your home, known as "zones," independently. Individual thermostat-controlled air-handler units are installed in each room or areas to be heated or cooled, making it easy for different rooms in your home to be kept at different temperatures. Units in rooms that are not in use can be turned off, saving you money on monthly utilities.

Ductless systems are also a convenient and easy way to supplement heating and cooling that allows you to make room additions just as comfortable as the other rooms in your home, even when it may not be practical to add them to your ducted central heating and cooling system. Because the heated or cooled air in a ductless system is created right inside the air-handler unit and delivered directly into the room, rather than traveling through air ducts as it would with a central heating and cooling system, none of the warm or cool air is lost on the way as happens with ducted systems.

Quiet Operation

Another advantage of ductless split systems is their whisper-quiet operation. Unlike central heating and cooling systems or window air conditioners, which can be noisy when they are running, ductless systems operate at a very low indoor decibel level. They will not interfere with quiet conversations, disturb sleep, or interrupt you when you're deep in thought. You most likely won’t even notice when they are running.

Hypo-Allergenic Air Filtration

All ductless mini split heating and cooling systems are equipped with a hypo-allergenic air filter, which cleans the air in your home, removing potentially unhealthy allergens. Ductless systems also remove excess humidity from the air, delivering it outside via a drain pipe. This can help discourage the growth of mold and other harmful organisms, keeping your home's allergen levels low.


Our Mitsubishi ductless air conditioning systems are ENERGY STAR rates which indicates their energy-efficient operation. Products endorsed by the globally-recognized ENERGY STAR energy initiative use less energy and help you save money.

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Our Mitsubishi contractors feature high-quality Mitsubishi ductless air conditioning systems that offer you the ultimate in convenience, attractiveness, energy efficiency, and comfort. If you are looking for a versatile cooling system for your home or business that's quick and easy to install, without the need for adding ductwork, we can help!

Call one of the contractors on this site to learn how you can enjoy dependable, year-round comfort through the installation of Mitsubishi ductless heating and cooling.

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