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End the Battle of the Thermostat

Are you constantly fightiCreating a zoned system ends the battle of the with family members over the temperature setting on your thermostat? Investing in an innovative air conditioning system can help you end the fighting without forcing anyone to be uncomfortable in their own home.

How a Zoning System Works

A traditional zoned AC system utilizes multiple thermostats that are used to regulate the flow of conditioned air. Each thermostat can be set to a separate temperature reading, and the ducts throughout your home will be opened or closed through a central control panel that these thermostats are connected to. Ductless heat pumps also serve to create a zoning system in which each room (or zone) enjoys its own personalized temperature regulation.

Benefits of a Zoning System

The benefit that you may focus on when you consider a zoned system is the fact that you can regulate the temperature in each zone in your home. You get to stop those battles over the temperature setting in your home. There are other benefits to consider when you are researching whether system zoning is right for you.

  • Multiple thermostats or ductless air handling units offer convenience by allowing you to adjust the temperature in any zone without having to leave the room to do so.
  • You can reduce your cooling bills substantially by controlling the temperature of your home through zoned air conditioning. If there are rooms that you do not plan to use regularly, zoned systems allow you to turn the cooling off in these rooms to reduce energy use.

Ductless Air Conditioning

As their name suggests, ductless air conditioners and heat pumps do not have ductwork. Several units can be used in one home to maintain the temperature in individual rooms because of this feature. This type of system calls for an outdoor cabinet that houses the basic components of an air conditioner or heat pump. Inside the home, each zoned area gets its own air handling unit. The two components are connected with a conduit line, rather than an extensive network of ducts.

Benefits of Ductless Home Air Conditioning

Ductless cooling systems are more compact than other systems. This benefit means that they can be used in conjunction with a zoned system in order to allow you to maintain comfort according to the preferences of each family member.

Another reason to choose this type of system is because of the ease of installation. You will still need to have an HVAC professional install the system, but the disruption will be minimized.

Get Help From the Best

Are you ready to end the battle of the thermostat by investing in a zoned air conditioning system? The first step to enjoying a home that is comfortable for every member of the family is contacting an experienced HVAC contractor. To find an experienced Mitsubishi Electric contractor, just browse our selection of dealers in your area.

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