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Ductless Systems and Zoning Improve Comfort and Efficiency Year-Round

Ductless mini splits are essentially a combination of a heat pump and a window air conditioner unit. An indoor wall unit is connected to an efficient outdoor compressor through a small hole in the wall. There’s no expensive ductwork to install, and you still get to enjoy a comfortable room year-round. Install multiple ductless mini splits and control them individually for matchless whole-house comfort. In this way, ductless systems and zoning go hand-in-hand.

How Ductless Systems and Zoning Work Together

In the summer, the ductless mini split operates much like a window air conditioner, except that the indoor and outdoor components are separate, and the indoor component is mounted to the wall. This leaves your window accessible to open when it’s nice outside. It also prevents your home from being a target for troublemakers who see the window A/C as a weak spot in your home’s outward defenses.

Ductless systems work to heat your home in the winter as well. Supplement your furnace with the heat from the ductless mini split or rely on it exclusively to warm each of your home’s zones.

All you need to enjoy ductless systems and zoning is to install more than one ductless mini split. Heat and cool multiple rooms exactly the way you want using separate thermostats for ultimate comfort and energy efficiency. For example, you might choose to run the living room and kitchen ductless mini splits in the day while leaving the bedroom units off. Doing the opposite at night keeps the bedrooms comfortable without wasting energy heating or cooling the unoccupied living room and kitchen.

It’s not uncommon for one part of your home to need cooling while another needs to be heated, especially during seasonal transitions. Certain ductless systems can be connected with a branch circuit (BC). This gives them the ability to remove heat from an area needing to be cooled and transfer that heat to the area needing warmth. This process bypasses the compressor and saves electricity while evening out your home’s temperature.

Even without a BC, ductless systems allow you to heat and cool your home according to specific needs. For example, Dad may need the office to be nice and cool while Baby needs a warm nursery to sleep in.

Benefits of Ductless Systems and Zoning

  • Energy efficiency: Ductwork is an enemy of energy efficiency. The average ducted home wastes about 30 percent of its heating and cooling energy through gaps and cracks in the ductwork. The chance to avoid this wasted energy is a huge plus for ductless systems. Plus, ductless mini splits boast some of the highest efficiency ratings on the market, up to 27.2 Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER). Enjoy the comfort you want without the high monthly bills you might expect by choosing a high-efficiency system.
  • Effective performance at low outdoor temperatures: Traditional heat pumps suffer from decreased efficiency when the temperature outside approaches and drops below freezing. Ductless systems provide reliable heating in extreme conditions at or below 14 degrees F.
  • Quiet operation: Ductless systems are known to deliver comfort without the noise of window air conditioners. This is thanks to the noisy compressor being located outside.
  • Better indoor air quality: Ductless mini splits have built-in filters that ensure that the air is cleaned before it circulates back into the room. This type of filtering action occurs in ducted systems, but not in baseboard heating systems. It’s an excellent opportunity to enjoy cleaner air without the ductwork.
  • Ease of installation: If the entire home or an add-on doesn’t have ductwork, you can skip the expensive installation process and proceed with a quick ductless mini-split installation. All that's involved is running a small copper tube through a 3-inch hole in the wall or ceiling near where the wall-mounted unit goes. This connects the indoor and outdoor units. Situate the outdoor unit up to 50 feet away for the flexibility you need to maintain a beautiful exterior. Refrigerant runs through the two components while keeping the compressor outside where it can’t disturb you.
  • Comfort solution for older homes: Homeowners of historic homes may feel stuck with limited options. However, whether your home’s walls are extra thick or there’s no conventional place to install ductwork, you can still enjoy air conditioning and more efficient heating with ductless systems and zoning.

This is just a brief look at how ductless systems and zoning can benefit you. To find quality Mitsubishi Electric ductless mini-split systems to install in your home, please contact one of these trusted Mitsubishi Electric Cooling and Heating contractors.


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