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Outdoor Multi-Zone Units

Multi-zone ductless heating and cooling units include heat pumps, air conditioners and heaters. The usual configuration of these systems involves an outdoor unit combined with one or more indoor units.

  • The outdoor unit contains the major system components, including condensers, compressors and power systems. Outdoor units for both multi-zone or single-zone systems are about the same size as those connected to standard ducted heat pump or air conditioning systems. They are installed near an exterior wall of your home, on top of a concrete slab or other stable base. They are connected to the indoor units through a conduit that penetrates the wall of the building.
  • The indoor units are smaller air-handling and distribution units that can be placed almost anywhere in your home, limited only by the length of the cables and connections to the outside unit. They have individual thermostats and can be operated independently of each other. Indoor units are commonly available in units that are mounted on the wall or ceiling or at floor level.

High efficiency

Ductless systems are almost always Energy Star certified, which means they have been government tested to ensure adherence to strict energy efficiency standards.

Ductless systems are efficient for two additional reasons:

  • Ductless heating and cooling units do not require a system of ductwork for carrying conditioned air from the main unit to your home. This leaves no chance for the air and energy losses that commonly occur in ducted HVAC systems. Loose duct sections, broken seals, damaged or disconnected sections, and other problems can account for a loss of up to 40 percent of the air and energy traveling through the ducts. Ductless systems will not experience this level of loss.
  • Ductless systems often have high SEER and HSPF ratings, which means they are manufactured to be energy efficient. SEER, or Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio, measures the efficiency of the cooling generated by heat pumps and air conditioners. HSPF, or Heating Seasonal Performance Factor, is an indicator of the heating efficiency of heat pumps. Higher SEER and HSPF numbers mean greater levels of efficiency. Common ratings for high-efficiency systems are SEER number of 14 to 18 and HSPF numbers of 8.2 or higher. Some models of Mitsubishi Electric ductless heat pump systems offer SEER ratings as high as 26 and HSPF numbers up to 10.5.

Mitsubishi Electric's exclusive INVERTER technology also improves system efficiency. INVERTER-based units recapture much of the heat energy that could normally be lost at the outdoor coil. Systems with INVERTER technology use less energy, cool and heat your home at a faster rate, and provide more consistent comfort throughout your home.

Multi-Zone or Single-Zone Systems

In general, the difference between multi-zone or single zone systems depends on the size of the zone you want to heat and cool.

  • Single-zone ductless systems are used in individual zones and small areas such as offices, classrooms, dining areas, churches, guard booths or similar areas. They are intended to effectively heat or cool a single zone.
  • Multi-zone systems are used in larger areas or on multiple floors or zones. They provide individual control for several individual units, usually between two and eight.

Which Ductless System is Best for Me?

Deciding on whether to install a multi-zone or single-zone ductless air conditioner requires careful consideration of what you want to accomplish with the system, how large an area or zone you want to cool, and the comfort preferences of the inhabitants of the building.

  • Single-zone: If you have a small zone, one or two rooms, or a small house to heat or cool, a single-zone ductless system should be adequate for your needs.
  • Multi-zone: If you want to establish several independent heating or cooling zones in your home, whether in several individual rooms or multiple floors, a multi-zone system will work better.

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