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Controls & Programmable Thermostats

Introducing the STAR Lineup of Ductless Air Conditioning and Heating Units, a breakthrough in pure comfort.

Energy StarWe offer more ENERGY STAR® systems than ever, incorporating eco-comfort technology, dual and triple-allergen filtration, and whisper-quiet operation. The new technology revolutionizes the heat pump and with a space-saving design means easy and unobtrusive installation.

Wall Mounted Controls

Wall Mounted Controls

Mitsubishi offers a wireless remote to get your perfect temperature from the palm of your hand. Mitsubishi offers an optional wired control on certain systems and is standard when the indoor unit style is hidden from sight.

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Handheld Wireless Remote

Handheld Wireless Remote

Standard for M-Series, Optional for P-Series

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Wired Remote

Wired Remote

Standard with SEZ and PEAD units

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Need Help? Which Type of System Are You Looking For?

The effectiveness of your ductless heating and cooling units can be greatly affected by the type of controls you use to operate the system. Your ductless Mitsubishi Electric air conditioning units and heaters are designed to operate using specialized wired and wireless remote control units, along with programmable thermostats, to give you the greatest level of control over the comfort level throughout your home.

Benefits of Zoned Heating and Cooling

One of the advantages of using ductless heating and cooling units is their usefulness in creating a zoning system. Zoned heating and cooling allows you to separate your home into specific areas, or zones, that receive heating and cooling based on the temperature preferences of the occupants of those areas. Zones typically consist of single rooms at their smallest and entire floors at their largest.

By using a zoned system in the winter, a ductless heater with thermostat and appropriate controls can cut down on inconsistent heating in your home as heat rises and increases temperatures in upper-level rooms. In the summer, your split-system air conditioner can be better controlled to put cooling exactly where it's needed without conditioning areas that aren't used frequently or at all.

You'll also find that ductless heating and cooling systems, sometimes called ductless mini-splits, provide several other benefits:

  • High efficiency: These units produce excellent levels of heating and cooling at an economical price.
  • Easier installation: Since these systems do not require a larger and bulky duct network for distributing conditioned air, they are much easier to install.
  • Flexibility: Ductless systems usually have an outdoor unit and up to four indoor air handling units. You can distribute all of the indoor units throughout the zones in your home, or put two or more of them in an area for concentrated heating or cooling.

Hand-Held Wireless Remotes

Wireless remote controls are popular options for controlling your ductless HVAC system and for setting or adjusting temperature levels. With a wireless remote system, you can make changes or adjustments from any point in your home reached by the wireless signal, such as from your bed, sofa or office.

Hand-held wireless remotes are standard for the Mitsubishi Electric M-Series floor- and wall-mounted ductless systems. They are an option that can be included with P-Series units.

Wired Remote

A wired remote is hardwired into your climate control system, providing a direct connection between the connector and the indoor unit of your ductless system. Mitsubishi Electric wired remotes offer features such as multi-language functionality, the ability to control up to 16 units or one group, and a weekly timer that provides on, off and temperature control settings for up to eight times a day for each day of the week.

Remote Temperature Kit

The Mitsubishi Electric MHK1 Remote Controller Kit works with both M-Series and P-Series ductless HVAC systems. This wireless kit can be installed anywhere without the need for a wire to connect the indoor unit and controller. It includes additional features such as backlit display and dual setpoint control.

Which remote is best for me?

Choosing the best remote for your home or business applications depends on the features and functions you prefer.

  • Wireless controllers can be convenient, but they can also be limited by the strength and reach of the wireless signal. Wireless systems will also need periodic battery changes.
  • Wired controllers are not limited by the power of the wireless interface and are, in general, more reliable and easier to install. Control locks are easier to implement with a wired controller, preventing tampering or accidental changes at the thermostat.

Your controller should also include a screen that displays such important information as temperature and system settings. The controller should give you options such as:

  • Increasing and decreasing indoor temperatures
  • Setting system to fan-only function
  • Activating pre-programmed set points for more economical operations
  • Setting fan speed
  • Controlling vane position
  • Setting system start and stop times
  • Resetting the system to default values

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