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Where Can I Buy Ductless Air Conditioners?

After you've done your research and evaluated all the benefits of Mitsubishi Electric ductless air conditioning systems, your next step is to find out where to buy mini split or multi split air conditioners. In most cases, the Internet will be your major source for locating contractors, finding technical specifications on certain air conditioner models, and comparing ductless air conditioner prices. When you want to know where to buy ductless air conditioners, consider using the following resources.

Mitsubishi Electric Contractor Search Database

Mitsubishi Electric Cooling and Heating offers an online search tool to help you locate ductless distributors and contractors who sell, install and service Mitsubishi Electric air conditioning systems. The Mitsubishi Electric Diamond Contractor search database on allows you to enter your ZIP code and receive in return a list of contractors and distributors located within about a 50-mile radius of your geographical location.

The businesses in the database are independent contractors who have attended authorized Mitsubishi Electric service and installation training classes. Entries in the database provide information such as business name, home county, telephone number and type of services provided (residential and/or commercial). Using this resource, you can find manufacturer-trained contractors who can provide the ductless air conditioning service you need. You can locate names of businesses you can research further by finding their individual Web sites through your preferred online search engine.

The contractor search database allows you to send your contact information to a local contractor of your choice. The Mitsubishi Electric Diamond Contractor will then contact you to provide more information, find out about your air conditioning needs and offer preliminary recommendations. You'll be able to schedule on-site assessments and consultations, get quotes for equipment and services, set installation appointments and provide feedback.

You can also access the Mitsubishi Electric Diamond Contractor search from the main Mitsubishi Electric Cooling and Heating page. Enter your ZIP code in the box beside "How to Buy" and click "Go." You'll enter the database and will be given a list of local contractors based on your ZIP code.

Online Research

Some HVAC industry trade associations and related groups provide searchable databases of qualified contractors online. Mitsubishi Electric contractors also may be listed in these databases and are able to provide the ductless air conditioner sales, installation and service that you need. An additional factor to consider is that membership in trade groups suggests that a contractor is interested and active in the HVAC industry and may be more likely to subscribe to industry best practices, ethical standards and technical requirements than a contractor who doesn't belong to any associations.

Trusted industry groups such as the Air Conditioning Contractors of America include certified Mitsubishi Electric contractors. You may choose to explore their Web sites for a contractor databases and other useful information.

Referrals from Friends, Co-Workers and Family Members

Ask trusted friends, colleagues and family members about their ductless air conditioning systems. If they use a Mitsubishi Electric ductless system in their home, ask for a referral to the contractor who sold and installed it. If people you know and trust are happy with the service and equipment they received from a particular contractor, it is very likely you will be too.

Be Wary of Online Distributors, Wholesalers and Non-Authorized Sources

As you conduct research on contractors and distributors, ductless air conditioner prices and equipment installation and service, you may be tempted to look to a wholesale source or an online dealer who offers cheaper prices than your local contractor. While this may seem like a bargain at first glance, it could end up costing you twice or more than what you expected to pay and leaving you with equipment, components or an entire system you can't use.

  • A wholesaler or distributor outside your local area has no ties to your community and may not have the incentive to maintain a good business reputation in your geographical area. Your local contractors have invested considerable time and effort in building their businesses and creating a reputation for quality service, excellent equipment and fair business practices. They will work with you to make sure you get the equipment, service and installation you need, to your satisfaction.
  • Equipment purchased online or from non-authorized sources may present warranty troubles. Many local distributors are unwilling to install equipment bought from unofficial sources. Manufacturers may not honor warranties if your purchase was made from a non-authorized dealer.
  • When you order equipment online or sight unseen from a wholesaler, you may not purchase the correct system if you are not fully knowledgeable about ductless air conditioners yourself. Your local contractor will evaluate your cooling needs and make expert recommendations to ensure you get the equipment that works best for you.

In almost all cases, it's best to buy ductless air conditioners and other HVAC systems from local retailers and contractors.