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What Is A Multi Split Air Conditioner?

Despite the advantages mini split air conditioners offer, these systems aren't ideal for every home. For larger homes, a multi split air conditioner is often a better choice. Multi split systems are ideal if you want the convenience of a ductless system along with precision control over the temperatures in different rooms or parts of your home. A Mitsubishi Electric air conditioner that offers these benefits helps prevent problems with uneven temperatures. A multi split system is useful in a number of situations:

  • Multi-level homes
  • Homes with sprawling floor plans
  • Rooms that receive unusually large amounts of sun or shade
  • Rooms with large windows
  • Rooms with high ceilings
  • Homes where certain areas are used infrequently
  • Households whose members have differing temperature preferences

A multi split system will help you correct the uncomfortably uneven temperatures that can occur in these situations.

Multi Split Air Conditioner vs. Mini Split Air Conditioner

To understand the difference between these two system types, you'll first need to know the answer to the question, "How do ductless split systems work?" This is easiest to answer when you're clear on how a mini split system operates. A mini split air conditioner consists of an outdoor condenser/compressor unit, one or more indoor air handlers, and a conduit lines that connects the two. Cool air is delivered directly through the air handlers, which can be mounted on the walls or elsewhere. These systems require no ductwork, floor registers or return vents.

Because they don't need ducts, they're easier to install than ducted systems. They're also more efficient because they don't lose conditioned air due to duct leakage. A mini split Mitsubishi Electric air conditioner can run several air handlers from one outdoor unit, allowing you to cool your entire home.

There is a downside to these systems, though. While you can cool multiple rooms, you can't independently control the amount of cool air each room receives. If you have uneven temperatures in your home, that's a problem. Without precision control over your cooling options, a relatively shady room may end up chilly while a sunny room still feels hot.

Multi split air conditioners solve this problem. These systems allow you to independently control the temperatures in different zones (individual rooms or sections of your home) so you can maintain comfortable temperatures throughout your home. You can supply extra air conditioning to sunnier rooms or turn up the air conditioning in the kitchen while you're cooking without freezing out family members in other rooms. Mitsubishi Electric multi split systems provide precision temperature control for two to eight zones.

Better yet, the design options for these systems are nearly limitless. These systems let you mix and match different types of air handlers including wall-mounted, floor-standing, ceiling suspended and ceiling cassette units. This way you can choose the unit that provides the required cooling performance along with the most aesthetically pleasing appearance.

If you're still undecided in the multi split air conditioner vs. mini split air conditioner debate, consider the temperatures throughout your home. If you notice you feel especially chilly or hot when entering certain rooms, your home is a good candidate for a multi split system.

How Much Do Multi Split Systems Cost?

Understandably, "How much do multi split systems cost?" is probably one of the first questions you may ask when considering a multi-zone ductless air conditioning system.

This question has no straightforward answer, though. Due to the variety of system layout options, calculating the cost of a multi split system is even more complex than for mini split systems. An accurate price calculation requires an experienced Mitsubishi Electric Diamond Contractor to size your system and develop a design layout that meets your home's individual needs.

Likewise, the question of how to install a multi split system has no one simple answer. At its most basic, multi split system installation is the same as mini split installation. The outdoor unit is installed, followed by the conduit line, then the indoor units. Considering the relative complexity of the design layout, though, multi split installation may take a little more time.

If you'd like to browse systems, you'll find Mitsubishi Electric's multi split systems in the MXZ product line. For example, the MXZ-8B48NA outdoor heat pump provides independent temperature control for up to eight rooms. Keep in mind, however, that the cost of the system you need depends on many factors. A Mitsubishi Electric contractor can provide you with an accurate price estimate and installation information.