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High Efficiency Air Conditioners

Buying an air conditioner that can meet your cooling demands without making your electricity bill skyrocket is probably one of your top priorities. Both home and business owners will find a wide variety of efficient, powerful air conditioning systems on today's consumer market. As you shop for a high-efficiency air conditioner, be sure to pay special attention to energy ratings, incentives and unit sizing. Doing so will help to ensure that you make a wise purchasing decision.

Choosing An Efficient Air Conditioner

Before you start shopping for an efficient air conditioner, take time to think through your cooling needs. Are you replacing an old unit or installing an entirely new HVAC system? To find the most efficient appliances, consider shopping for Mitsubishi Electric high efficiency air conditioners that can be used as part of a ductless heating and cooling system. In general, ductless systems are the most efficient HVAC option for both residential and commercial spaces.

Understanding Efficient Air Conditioner Ratings

Choosing an efficient air conditioner is all about familiarizing yourself with how efficiency is measured and rated. If you've spent any time looking at AC units, you've likely realized that many criteria are used to determine the efficiency of units. Familiarize yourself with these key terms, which will be used to describe almost all air conditioner and heat pump units:

  • SEER (seasonal energy efficiency ratio) ratings provide information about the cooling efficiency of heat pumps. All new units on today's market must have a SEER of at least 13. If you want a high efficiency unit, look for SEER ratings higher than 17.
  • EER (energy efficiency ratio) ratings provide information about the efficiency of air conditioners. All new units must have an EER rating of at least 8. However, you'll realize the best results when you choose a unit with an EER of 13 or higher.
  • CEE (consortium for energy efficiency) Tiers provide information about the overall efficiency of appliances. AC units in tiers two, three and four provide excellent efficiency. Business owners may wish to shop for units that have received advanced tier certification.
  • Energy Star ratings provide information about the overall efficiency of appliances. Energy Star air conditioners provide efficient, reliable service in residential settings.

Shopping for High Efficiency Air Conditioners

Choosing the right air conditioner for your home or business is a matter of weighing efficiency ratings against the benefits and features of a given unit. Before you start shopping, make a list of features that you want in an AC unit. Maybe you want a heat pump that can handle multiple zones. Perhaps you want to buy an AC unit fitted with special, allergen-trapping filters. Having this information at hand will help you find the unit best suited to your needs.

Taking Advantage of High-Efficiency Air Conditioner Tax Credits

In addition to cutting down on electricity bills, many home and business owners also enjoy high-efficiency AC systems because they can qualify for tax credits. If you buy an HVAC unit that meets stringent efficiency requirements, you'll be able to claim a credit and can deduct some of the cost of purchasing the appliance from your total gross income. This helps to reduce your tax burden while rewarding you for purchasing eco-friendly, energy-saving appliances. These special tax credits are slated to end after tax year 2013. Make your purchases before December 31, 2013, to ensure that you qualify to take credits.

Mitsubishi Electric offers several air conditioning units that meet federal tax credit guidelines. Choose one of these units if earning tax credits is one of your top priorities:

Model Number:MUY-GEO9NA
BTUs: 9,000
EER: 13.6
SEER: 21
CEE Tier: 3

Model Number: MUY-GE12NA
BTUs: 12,000
EER: 12.5
SEER: 20.5
CEE Tier: 2

Model Number: MUY-GE15NA
BTUs: 14,000
EER: 13
SEER: 21
CEE Tier: 3

Model Number: MUY-GE24NA
BTUs: 22,400
EER: 12.5
SEER: 19
CEE Tier: 2

You can also save on the purchase of a new air conditioner by choosing a unit that is eligible for rebates or incentives. Ask your Mitsubishi Electric contractor about manufacturer rebates. You can check with your local utility company for information about municipal and state incentives for investing in energy-efficient appliances.

Working with a Ductless Specialists

Whether you need to buy a new AC unit for your home or want to have a new ductless AC system installed in your business, you'll benefit from working with a seasoned HVAC professional. Your local Mitsubishi Electric Diamond Contractor will be happy to assist you as you shop for high-efficiency equipment. Remember that factory-authorized Mitsubishi Electric Diamond Contractors can also help you explore your manufacturer-backed financing options