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Ductless Air Conditioner Installation

Take These Steps to Go Ductless

  1. Find a Local Contractor and Schedule an In-Home Consultation. Locating the right installer for your ductless system is an important first step. It’s not a job for a do-it-yourselfer or the local handyman, and the total ductless air conditioner price always takes into account installation by qualified professionals. The efficiency and performance of ductless systems are dependent on proper installation by technicians with the training and specialized equipment to do the job right. Use the contractor search function on our site to find certified Mitsubishi Electric Diamond Contractors well-versed in the specific techniques and requirements of a ductless installation. Select one from among several in your zip code and call to arrange an in-home consultation. You’ll have the opportunity to get all your questions answered before you make the decision to go ductless. And, of course, you’re under no obligation.
  2. Select & Size Your System. Proper sizing refers to making sure that you get a ductless unit with the BTU capacity to properly cool and heat the space where it will be installed. Each house has different thermal characteristics and requires a unit with specific BTU rating to do the job effectively and efficiently. Guesstimates are not acceptable. Your Mitsubishi Electric Diamond Contractor can use specialized industry-standard software to make a precise cooling load calculation for your desired rooms, then match that requirement to a ductless unit with the performance specifications to handle the job.
  3. Install the Outdoor Unit. The outdoor unit in a ductless system is normally located immediately next to an exterior wall at the rear or side of your home. The ideal location will be shaded by your home from direct sunlight for as much of the daylight hours as possible. A clear space of about two feet on all sides is necessary for proper airflow so any vegetation at the installation site will need to be cut back and kept trimmed. The outdoor unit is mounted on a poured concrete pad, generally smaller than 3 feet by 3 feet, which is included in the ductless air conditioner cost. The pad securely anchors the unit and also keeps it level, an important factor for proper operation of the components. Electrical power will also need to be routed outside through the wall to power the compressor and the coil fan.
  4. Run the Refrigerant Line. The refrigerant lines convey refrigerant to the outdoor unit and back to the indoor air handler through two copper tubes installed inside a conduit. This conduit usually also incorporates the electrical cable required to power the outdoor components. Because the refrigerant transported by the copper tubing is very cold, the conduit is insulated to maximize the efficiency of the system. A refrigerant conduit in a ductless system usually requires only a 3-inch hole in an exterior wall to pass into your home. In a Mitsubishi ductless system, the refrigerant lines and conduit are designed by the manufacturer for the specific system: they are available to your Mitsubishi Electric Diamond Contractor as part of the installation package in a choice of lengths to meet the requirements of your home. If you are installing a multi-split system, each indoor air handler will require its own dedicated conduit to convey refrigerant back and forth from the outdoor unit.
  5. Install the Indoor Unit. For best air circulation and cooling, most indoor air handlers for ductless systems are mounted at least 6 feet high on a wall inside the room they serve. Some are ceiling-mounted. Other units with specific air circulation enhancements are available for mounting on the floor. Most indoor units will require a 240-volt electrical power source, the same as for any large window unit or other appliance. The refrigerant conduit and electrical cable are usually routed through the wall void to connect to the back of the air handler for a compact and uncluttered appearance. A condensate drain tube connected to the bottom of the rear of the air handler also follows the path of the refrigerant conduit to the exterior of the home, where it drains into the ground or waters shrubbery or a flower bed.
  6. Enjoy Your Mitsubishi Electric System! Your ductless air conditioner system is operated by a remote control that puts control of all options right in your hand for ultimate convenience. No getting up and going to the unit to program temperature changes, change the fan speed or shift from cooling mode to heating mode. One of the beauties of a ductless system is the low user maintenance requirements of the indoor air handler. Generally, only the air filter incorporated into the air handler requires periodic cleaning. The standard washable filter is recommended to be cleaned every two months. As with any heat pump system, an annual check-up by your Mitsubishi Electric Diamond Contractor is recommended to service the outdoor unit, check the condition of coils and make sure all systems are delivering optimum performance and efficiency.