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Williamsburg, VA Contractors

Williamsburg is a city in the Hampton Roads Area of Virginia along with Norfolk and Virginia Beach. Best known for a colorful history during America's colonization, it is now a popular tourist attraction. The downtown area, known as Colonial Williamsburg, is a restored historic village and part of the Historic Triangle that includes Jamestown and Yorktown. Williamsburg is also home to The College Of William & Mary, so it's a university town as well.

History Of Williamsburg

The Williamsburg area was originally settled in 1632 and named the Middle Plantation of Virginia Colony. It was the first major British settlement in the U.S. In 1699, Middle Plantation was renamed Williamsburg and became the capital of Virginia Colony from 1699 until 1780. Middle Plantation had originally been settled by Powhatan Native Americans, but because of the Indian Massacre in 1622, the Native Americans had abandoned their villages by 1630. After the Revolutionary War, Williamsburg experienced a lengthy decline because it had no water routes or railroad stations. At the same time, The College Of William & Mary continued to thrive and expand.

Colonial Williamsburg

In the early 1900s, The Reverend Dr. W.A.R. Goodwin decided to restore his Bruton Parish Church. In 1907, after the renovations were complete, Reverend Goodwin left Williamsburg for upstate New York. When he returned in 1923, he decided that the colonial buildings downtown needed restoration. He gained support from John D. Rockefeller, Jr., and together, they restored downtown Williamsburg to commemorate America's early history. Colonial Williamsburg is now the biggest tourist destination in Virginia. Attractions include detailed reenactments of significant events from the past, and visitors can experience a living history of daily life in Colonial times complete with actors in period dress.

College Of William & Mary

Established in 1693, this is the second-oldest college in the U.S. Plans to begin construction were originally made in 1618 but placed on hold because of a Native American uprising. Thomas Jefferson, John Tyler and James Monroe were but a few of the illustrious early graduates. The College Of William & Mary was the first U.S. college to become a university, and it boasted the first American law school. Today, The College Of William & Mary is known as a "Public Ivy" because it offers a high educational standard without the Ivy League price tag.

First American Psychiatric Hospital

In 1771, the first psychiatric hospital in the U.S. was established in Williamsburg. Known as the "Public Hospital For Persons Of Insane And Disordered Minds," It followed the Virginia Colonial Legislature's 1770 Act to "Make Provision for the Support and Maintenance of Ideots, Lunaticks, and other Persons of Unsound Minds." The mental health care facility still exists in Williamsburg today and is known as Eastern State Hospital.


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