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Ductless Air Conditioning in Virginia

Virginia is rich in American history with several famous sites relating to the birth of the nation. It is an ideal location to find employment, raise a family or plan an exciting vacation. Officially, this state is called the Commonwealth of Virginia. One nickname is the Mother of Presidents because eight U.S. presidents have been born in Virginia, which is the birthplace of more leaders than any other state.

History of Virginia

One of the most well known locations in Virginia is Jamestown, which became the first permanent English settlement after its founding in 1607. The Virginia General Assembly was established in 1619 and is now the oldest legislative body in the entire western hemisphere. Before the American Revolution, tobacco farming and trade boosted the economy and gave the colonies a strong foothold. At the culmination of the American Revolution, the British finally surrendered at Yorktown, an official historic site that receives thousands of visitors every year. As the Civil War erupted and divided America into the North and South, Virginia was the 10th state to join the Union in 1788. Residents and soldiers of this state have witnessed several victories throughout its 400-year history, and Virginians hold the pride of America in their hearts.

State Demographics

As the 12th most populated state, Virginia houses approximately eight million residents within 42,700 square miles. From the Atlantic coastline to the Blue Ridge Mountains, Virginia offers numerous natural attractions and outdoor activities. The Chesapeake Bay has its own shores for swimming, fishing and relaxing in the sun. By traveling around the state, visitors can find valleys, plateaus and ridges. The diversity of topography provides Virginia with its unique climate of pleasant summers and snowy winters.

Events and Attractions

Adults, teens and children can always find excitement at one of Virginia's thrilling theme parks. Busch Gardens in Williamsburg offers a unique experience that sets itself apart from other national theme parks and has been voted the most beautiful in the nation. The European setting allows guests to travel to foreign lands without leaving the state. Thrill-seekers can get an adrenaline rush on the many roller coasters, and children have their own fun activities with rides, shows and lovable characters. On hot summer days, visitors head to Kings Dominion in Doswell where they can cool off on water rides or enjoy a thrill on world-class roller coasters. The shore and Bay beaches of Virginia always provide relaxing activities for any age. Visitors can see the wildlife on Atlantic excursions, appreciate history at lighthouses or enjoy a family vacation in the sun. Virginia Beach is the most populous city and a great destination for spring break.


Guests receive an up-close and interactive view of American history when visiting the Jamestown Settlement and Yorktown Victory Center located in historic Williamsburg. This multi-acre museum offers vacation packages and tons of annual events that showcase Virginia's amazing history in an entertaining and enlightening manner. The Jamestown Settlement highlights life in 17th-century America with exhibits, films and outdoor living history. Costumed interpreters explain what life was like back then in forts and villages, and guests can board replicas of the first ships that landed in Virginia. The Yorktown Victory Center takes guests on a journey through the Revolutionary period. Visitors gain a deeper understanding of this time period through gallery exhibits, historical interpreters, tobacco farm replicas and battlefield reenactments.

Virginia Schools

Virginia is ranked in one of the top spots of the nation for its valuable education system. Thomas Jefferson founded the University of Virginia in 1819, and this school is ranked second in best public universities. Students are offered hundreds of programs from bachelor's to doctoral degrees. This university is devoted to supporting future leaders, and only the top students are admitted based on their academic performance and personal achievements. Other notable schools in the state include Virginia Polytechnic Institute, College of William and Mary and Virginia Commonwealth University.

Energy-Efficient HVAC Systems in Virginia

Virginians are proud residents who like to ensure that their homes are running as efficiently as possible. To achieve this goal, they choose ductless air conditioning systems from Mitsubishi Electric Diamond Contractors. These cost-effective systems are quick and easy to install and improve the efficiency of the home. After selecting to install ductless air conditioning Virginia residents receive the following benefits.

  • High Efficiency HVAC System
  • Design Flexibility
  • In-Home Consultation and Quote
  • Assistance in Selecting and Sizing System
  • Quiet Operation
  • Comfortable Indoor Climate
  • Humidity Control

In Virginia ductless heat pumps and air conditioning systems help control the indoor climate through quiet and efficient operation. It is easy to enter your zip code and schedule an appointment with a local Mitsubishi Electric Diamond Contractor. Customers receive a quote and assistance with selecting the right system for their home. The quick installation involves the outdoor unit, refrigerant line and the indoor unit. Residents choose single- or multi-zone systems to meet their needs and have several options for the type of indoor unit. Choose from wall-mounted, horizontal or floor-standing units that are small and run quietly. When you are ready to improve the efficiency of your home, contact your local Mitsubishi Electric Diamond Contractor to set up a ductless HVAC system service.