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Virginia Beach, VA Contractors

Virginia Beach


Virginia Beach, Virginia, is well known as a vacation destination for visitors from around the globe, but the city is also home to almost 500,000 residents. Located in the Hampton Roads metropolitan area, Virginia Beach is positioned at the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay on the Atlantic Ocean.

As a resort city, Virginia Beach has a tropical climate and over 35 miles of coastal shoreline. World-class accommodations run along the length of the beach and offer vacationers a variety of sporting activities including biking, surfing, roller-skating and boating.


English settlers first landed at Cape Henry on the tip of Virginia Beach in 1607. The expedition was led by John Smith and Captain Christopher Newport. The two men fought for control of the newly established settlement of Jamestown. Newport ultimately prevailed, and Smith was forced to return to England.

Virginia Beach began to gain notoriety as a resort community in the 19th century after a railroad line was built to connect the city to Norfolk. The first hotel was constructed in 1883, and Virginia Beach was officially established as a town in 1906. Later in 1963, Virginia Beach and Princess Anne County merged to form an independent city.

Although Virginia Beach is still known primarily as a tourist location, the local economy continues to diversify. The city is home to several military bases, two universities and many large corporations.


Suffolk is a city of endless possibilities. Residents and visitors can choose from a wide array of recreational, sporting and cultural attractions designed to appeal to families, retirees and active adults.

  • Cape Henry Lighthouse: The Cape Henry Lighthouse was commissioned by George Washington, and its construction was overseen by Alexander Hamilton. The project was completed in 1792 and restored several times over the following two centuries. At the top of the facility, visitors can enjoy magnificent views of the Atlantic Ocean and Chesapeake Bay. There is also a museum and gift shop on the premises.
  • Virginia Beach Boardwalk: The Boardwalk is located in the heart of the Virginia Beach resort area. It overlooks the ocean and includes a spacious walking path, a bike path and a skating path. Grassy areas are available for picnics or just relaxing, and children will enjoy the nautical-themed playground and nearby amusement parks.
  • Virginia Aquarium The Virginia Aquarium and Marine Science Center offers a variety of innovative exhibits based around a 300,000-gallon salt water tank. The Aquarium features barracuda, sharks and a variety of other marine species. Visitors are exposed to a sustainable aquatic environment that mimics the inhabitant’s natural habitat.


The demographics in Virginia Beach serve to highlight the growing affluence and educated workforce in the greater metropolitan area.

  • Population: 447,021 as of 2012
  • Estimated Household Income: $64,334 as of 2011
  • Median Home Value: $264,300 as of 2011
  • Cost of Living Index: 98.7 (U.S. average is 100)
  • High School Diploma: 93.9 percent
  • Unemployment: 5.5 percent as of 2012
  • Construction, public administration, professional services


Virginia Beach is part of the Virginia Beach City Public School District, which includes 56 elementary schools, 14 middle schools and 11 high schools.

The District received a score of six out of a possible 10 from Great Schools, and 30 schools received a rating of seven or higher.

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