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Vinton, VA Contractors

Vinton, VA is 20 minutes due east of Roanoke. With a population of almost 8,200 and an area of 3.2 square miles, Vinton is located in Roanoke County and is part of the Roanoke Metropolitan Area.


This area was settled by Europeans in the mid-1700s. Newcomers were drawn by an ample supply of cool, fresh water and fertile grounds for planting. Prior to their arrival, Vinton was part of a Native American trail leading to North and South Carolina. Early settlers Christian and David Gish built a grist mill on the shores of Glade Creek in 1797, so the town was initially called Gish's Mill. Prior to the Civil War, the Atlantic, Mississippi & Ohio Railroad built a small depot in Gish's Mill which was renovated and enlarged after the Civil War ended in the late 1800s.

The town was incorporated in 1884. At this point the population of Vinton was small, but by the early 1900s, more and more people were moving to Gish's Mill from Roanoke. How the town got its name is unclear. Some believe that Vinton was chosen because "it sounded pretty." Others think the town was named for two of the first families, the Vinyards and the Prestons.


The town consists of roughly 3,500 households. Thirty percent of the households include kids under 18, and almost 50 percent of the households are married couples. The median age is 38, and the median family income is $40,000. Almost ten percent of the residents are below the poverty line.

Leisure And Recreation

Located right in town, the M. A. Banks Park is a great spot for a family gatherings. There are enclosed picnic shelters, grills, tables, portable toilets, playgrounds and basketball courts. Gearhart Park features a full softball field, and the Craig Avenue Recreation Center is popular with locals who want to buff up. Besides a full gym, there's a game room for the kids. Stonebridge Park has a hiking trail, a softball field, tennis courts, a playground and a basketball court.

Vinton Historical Society Museum

For a fun lesson in local history, the Vinton Historical Society Museum features exhibits and artifacts from the 1800s.

Mill Mountain Zoo

A perfect day trip destination, Mill Mountain Zoo in Roanoke has over 175 mammals, reptiles and birds. Animals include snow leopards, fishing cats, prairie dogs and red wolves.

Taubman Museum Of Art

Also in nearby Roanoke, VA, is the Taubman Museum Of Art. Exhibits include work by contemporary artists, folk art, visionary artists, works by regional artists and the art of Judith Leiber.

Ductless HVAC In Vinton, VA

With summer highs in the mid-80s and winter lows in the mid-20s, many Vinton residents have discovered that ductless heat pumps are a great way to enjoy consistently comfortable indoor temperatures. The best part of going ductless with Mitsubishi Electric Cooling and Heating is that their ductless air conditioning systems and mini split systems have the energy-efficient technology to deliver greater indoor comfort at a lower monthly price. With a ductless heat pump, Vinton, VA residents can heat or cool only the rooms they use. This adds up to big savings over central HVAC where the temperature has to be the same in every room. Installation is easy; a Mitsubishi Electric Mini Split System can be installed in a few hours. To find out how much you can save by going ductless, contact a Mitsubishi Electric Diamond Contractor in your area.