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Toano, VA Contractors


As one of the oldest settlements in North America, Toano has an unparalleled history. Although the town remains an unincorporated area within James City County, it has been continuously inhabited for several hundred years. Once known as Burnt Ordinary, Toano was founded as a tobacco plantation and shipping hub soon after the establishment of the Jamestowne Colony. During the 17th and early 18th centuries, the area was home to a succession of forts that helped European colonists drive deeper into Native American territory. Although those conflicts had largely ceased by the Revolutionary War, Toano continued to play an important role in the military development of the new country. In fact, the peninsula on which the town sits was heavily contested during the Civil War. It was also an important manufacturing hub for the Confederate war effort. These days, Toano is an important exurb of Richmond and attracts plenty of tourists with its myriad natural amenities.


Although the area's borders are unclear, the center of Toano lies near the Little Creek Reservoir on the Virginia Peninsula. Politically, Toano is counted as part of James City County and lacks self-governance. However, Toano residents have a strong local identity, and the town has numerous historical structures in its well-defined core. Outside of this commercial district, Toano is defined by low-density residential areas that continue to expand with each passing year. It's also blessed with a considerable amount of undeveloped land that has been set aside by various land trusts or snapped up by private conservators. Thanks to Interstate 64 and auxiliary routes like U.S. Highway 60, Toano enjoys robust transportation connections to Richmond and the Hampton Roads area.

Population and Demographics

Toano's population of just under 7,000 people is spread out over an area of about 30 square miles. As such, the town can properly be classified as "semi-rural." Many Toano residents work in Richmond or Newport News, and a significant minority have past or present ties to the U.S. Navy. In fact, the naval complex in the Hampton Roads area is one of the region's biggest employers and provides Toano natives with a chance to secure coveted high-wage jobs without leaving the area. Residents who don't work for the U.S. government may work in seasonal or part-time capacities for various tourist-focused businesses in the area. Others are partially or fully retired. In fact, Toano has a robust collection of second homes.

Things to Do in Toano, Virginia

Toano is known for its tourist-friendly downtown area and wealth of nearby points of interest. History buffs can't miss one-of-a-kind Colonial Williamsburg, a sprawling repository of well-preserved and recreated colonial architecture. Meanwhile, naval history buffs can head down to Newport News to check out the U.S. Navy's extensive complex there. In fact, the Hampton Roads Naval Museum contains a stunning array of naval memorabilia and floating stock from the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries. Folks who prefer shopping and fine dining to military history can check out the shops and boutiques in central Toano or venture to Richmond, Williamsburg and Newport News. Outdoorsy folks can take their boats out on the nearby James River or hike through the incomparable York River State Park.

Climate and Weather

Thanks to its proximity to the Atlantic Ocean and its low-lying surroundings, Toano has a mild subtropical climate that's generally associated with more southerly locales. During a typical winter, Toano might see only a handful of hard freezes and just one or two significant snowfall events. The growing season generally begins by mid-March and lasts until well into November. Precipitation is regular throughout the year, and droughts are very infrequent. Fortunately, flooding rains and tropical storms are similarly rare. During the summer and fall, long stretches of mild weather make the area attractive to folks from more intemperate locales.

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