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Salem, VA Contractors

Roughly 15 minutes west of Roanoke, Salem is a Virginia town in the Roanoke Metropolitan Area. It has a population of almost 25,000 and a total area of almost 15 square miles. Salem, VA is home to Roanoke College.


Archaeologists claim that Native Americans were living in this area as early as 8000 B.C. Europeans Thomas Batts and Robert Fallam explored the area in 1671 and named it Totero Town after the Native American Sioux Tribe living along the Roanoke River. Although the Sioux received new technologies from the Europeans, they were also vulnerable to diseases like influenza and smallpox that were carried by the newcomers. The Sioux began leaving the area shortly after Batts and Fallam arrived, and by the early 1700s, few Native Americans were living in Totero Town. In 1752, Fort Lewis was built to protect settlers who were now having conflicts with the Native Americans.

By the early 1800s, the town had developed into a small settlement for westward-bound pioneers traveling along the Great Road. The town was renamed Salem and officially founded in 1802, but no one knows how the town got its name. Some believe it was named for a man named William Bryan who had moved there from Salem, New Jersey. As the 1800s progressed, Salem, VA, became prosperous and grew rapidly in size. A boys' prep school called The Virginia Institute moved to Salem in 1847, and in 1853 it was renamed Roanoke College. Although the town suffered heavy losses during the Civil War, it began rebuilding immediately thereafter. By the 1870s, it had modern features like electricity, running water and telephone lines, which attracted scores of new settlers. During the 1890s, many new structures were built, and the population doubled in size. Unfortunately, a deadly blizzard struck the town that same year, and Salem, VA, never quite regained its forward momentum.


Salem has over 10,000 households, 30 percent of which include kids under 18. Fifty percent of the households are married couples. The median age is 40, and the median family income is almost $50,000.

Athletic Events

Salem is a big sports town. Teams include the Salem Red Sox, an affiliate of the Boston Red Sox. Championship games such as the Amos Alonzo Stagg Bowl and other big sporting events are held at the Salem Stadium, Moyer Field and at the Salem Civic Center.

Salem Museum

The Salem Museum takes visitors back in time to the mid-1800s. Situated in the historic Williams-Brown House, the Museum features local artifacts, Civil War relics, a Museum Shop and a gallery of rotating local artwork. The Williams-Brown House is on the National Register of Historic Places and is a fine example of architecture from the mid-1800s. The structure was built by William Williams in 1845 to serve as his residence and as a general store where travelers on the Great Road could stock up on supplies.

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