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Rocky Mount, VA Contractors

Situated in the Western Blue Ridge Mountains, Rocky Mount, VA is 37 minutes south of Roanoke. With a population of almost 5,000, it's the county seat of Franklin County. Rocky Mount has a total area of almost five square miles, was recognized as a town in 1786 and incorporated in 1873.


Rocky Mount was colonized by the English in the mid 1700s. By 1786, the county had a reputation for producing fine moonshine whiskey, and Franklin County was eventually christened the "Moonshine Capital of the World." Under threat of federal taxation, moonshiners went underground, and the hilly terrain of western Franklin County provided excellent cover. To locals, whiskey-making was an art form. Family recipes were jealously guarded and passed from generation to generation. The police were paid off, while informers were punished or killed.

With Prohibition, moon-shining became even more lucrative. One rum-runner, a woman, claimed to have moved over one million gallons of whiskey out of Franklin County between 1926 and 1931. To this day, the moonshine tradition lives on. In 1972, law enforcement shut down a large still that produced 1,500 gallons of whiskey every week. In 2000, a local man was sentenced to almost six years in prison for making 200,000 gallons of whiskey between 1992 and 1999.


The town of Rocky Mount, VA, has over 1,700 households; almost 30 percent include kids under 18. Forty percent of households are married couples, and 40 percent are non-families. Median resident age is 42, and median household income is about $27,000 per year. Fifteen percent of the residents live below the poverty line.

National Register Of Historic Places

Numerous sites in Rocky Mount are on the National Register Of Historic Places. They include the Washington Iron Furnace and the Franklin County Courthouse.

Rocky Mount Historic District

The Rocky Mount National Historic District has over 200 buildings that date from the early 1800s. These structures include the Rakes Building, The Taliaffero Building, McCall House, a department store, three churches and a railroad depot.

Booker T. Washington National Monument

Located in nearby Hardy, VA, the Booker T. Washington Monument includes portions of the tobacco farm where Booker T. Washington was born into slavery. His life and achievements are chronicled, giving visitors a glimpse into the life of an 1850s slave. The site includes gardens, farm animals and crafts.

Evergreen-Callaway-Deyerle House

This historic Greek Revival Home dates from 1840. The grounds of the Evergreen-Callaway-Deyerle House include a silo from 1861, a barn from 1920 and a tenant house built in 1930.

Woods-Meade House

The Woods-Meade House, built in 1830, is also known as Greer House. It was built by Robert Woods, who in 1834 sold the property to Morrison Meade. In 1859, this historic house was purchased by physician Peter Hale, who used it as a medical office and family home. Today, the house is a private residence.


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