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Richmond, VA Contractors


Richmond is one of the oldest cities in the United States. Its present location on the banks of the James River isn't far from the site of historic Jamestowne, the first permanent British settlement on the American mainland. Although it was the site of numerous plantations and trading posts during the first century of Virginia's existence, Richmond wasn't officially platted until 1737. However, it quickly grew into Virginia's foremost market town and was chosen as the capital shortly thereafter. It also served as the capital of the Confederate States of America and played a pivotal role in the Civil War. After the war, Richmond resumed its dominance as a center for the manufacturing and textile industries. These days, it's one of the most frequently visited cities in the entire country.


Richmond lies at the all-important "fall line" of the James River. Although the waterfalls that lie within the city's boundaries aren't spectacular, they mark the northernmost point of navigation on the river and make Richmond the most important port along its length. To the south and east of Richmond, the river widens considerably and follows a gentle floodplain to its mouth. To the north and west, it enters a steep gorge and becomes increasingly rocky. Away from the river, Richmond is characterized by an extensive, densely built colonial district, the newer but still historically significant Fan District, and successive rings of 20th-century residential and commercial neighborhoods. Richmond also contains ample parkland and several historically significant cemeteries.

Population and Demographics

Richmond's 2011 population came in at about 204,000. Although the city's suburbs and exurbs continue to grow at a fantastic rate, Richmond itself has experienced steady or declining population totals for several consecutive decades. This is largely the result of ongoing de-industrialization as well as a demographic shift towards single-person and two-person households. Over the same period, the city's median income figures and living standards have risen considerably. In fact, many affluent young professionals and families with small children choose to forgo life in the suburbs for more exciting living arrangements in central Richmond. The city is also home to a substantial number of empty-nesters who seek an active urban lifestyle.

Things to Do in Richmond, Virginia

As Virginia's most culturally active and historically significant city, Richmond has an endless array of attractions and recreational opportunities. Popular cultural institutions include the world-renowned Virginia Museum of Fine Arts and the meticulously preserved Virginia Historical Society. Each institution carries a rotating slate of exhibits and maintains multiple "reciprocity" contracts with other museums in the region. For Civil War buffs, the Richmond National Battlefield Park offers an extensive outdoor space that puts visitors in the heat of Civil War-era battles. Meanwhile, outdoorsy types can venture into local parks like Willow Field and Pony Pasture or head to nearby nature preserves like Amelia Wildlife Management Area and James River National Wildlife Refuge.

Climate and Weather

Richmond is known for the humid subtropical regime that defines its annual weather patterns. The city's proximity to the warm waters of the Chesapeake Bay and Atlantic Ocean moderate its temperatures during the winter and make heavy snowfall events a rarity. However, frosts and freezes aren't uncommon. The area's transitional seasons are characterized by regular rainfall and long spells of mild weather that make outdoor activity enjoyable. Summers can be quite humid, but frequent thunderstorms and refreshing cold fronts keep temperatures and humidity levels from becoming unbearable for long stretches of time. Although it can vary from year to year, the local growing season generally lasts from mid-March until early November.

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