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Norfolk, VA Contractors

Norfolk, VA Ductless Air Conditioning

Norfolk, Virginia, is a port city located in the Hampton Roads metropolitan region where the Chesapeake Bay converges with the Atlantic Ocean. The city has over 100 diverse neighborhoods and is home to the world’s largest naval base. The local climate is moderate, and the city serves as the educational, cultural and business center for Southeast Virginia.

Local residents enjoy the relaxed lifestyle and the blend of historical and modern attractions. Norfolk continues to undergo a substantial renewal with the addition of many new office and retail developments as well as several residential projects along the river and bay shoreline. The new light rail system was opened in 2011 and transported over 1.6 million riders in its first year of operation.

Area History

The rich history of the Hampton Roads area includes the Chesipean Indians and early settlers from Spain and England. Virginia achieved Royal Colony status when King James I granted 500 acres in the Ocean View section to Thomas Willoughby. The city of Norfolk was officially founded in 1624 by a British proclamation that ordered the establishment of a 50 acre port town in every relevant Virginia County.

For many decades, the city continued to grow as new residents settled in the area. Norfolk eventually developed a thriving West Indies trade industry that included exports from plantations in the Carolinas and Virginia.

On New Year’s Day in 1776, English warships attacked Norfolk in a devastating 11 hour assault. Fire spread rapidly among the wooden buildings, and two-thirds of the town was destroyed. After the war, the city was rebuilt and eventually evolved into a major shipbuilding center serving the entire east coast.

Norfolk played a significant role in the War of 1812 and the Civil War. The city surrendered to Union forces in 1862 and was occupied for the remainder of the war. Other important historical events include the establishment of the U.S. Naval Operating Base and the opening of the Norfolk International Terminals in 1966.


Norfolk is a vibrant city that offers a variety of cultural, entertainment and educational activites for children, families and active adults of all ages. Accessible waterways and magnificent beachfronts make Norfolk an ideal destination for recreational and sports enthusiasts.

  • Chrysler Museum of Art: The museum is located in the Ghent district of Norfolk and was founded in 1933. The original exhibits came from the private collection of Walter P. Chrysler, Jr., but over time the facility has grown into one of the largest art museums in the Southeast.
  • Virginia Zoo: The Virginia Zoological Park provides a variety of exhibits developed to help educate the public about exotic plants and animals from different regions of the world. All of the animals are treated respectfully, and they are placed in indigenous habitats designed to reduce stress and promote natural behavior.
  • Waterside Festival Marketplace, Virginia : The Waterside is a downtown waterfront marketplace that includes a variety of unique shops, restaurants, pubs and entertainment attractions. Evening cruises and ferries depart from the Waterside Marina, and free bus service connects the Waterside to a number of other downtown locations.


Norfolk's demographics provide a snapshot of an upscale community with a solid economic base and an appealing quality of life.

  • Population: 245,782 as of 2012
  • Estimated Household Income: $43,108 as of 2011
  • Median Home Value: $195,300 as of 2011
  • Cost of Living Index: 98.9 (U.S. average is 100)
  • High School Diploma: 85.7 percent
  • Unemployment: 8.1 percent as of 2012
  • Industries: Construction, public administration, accommodation and food services


Norfolk is served by the Norfolk School District (NSD), which includes 33 elementary schools, eight middle schools and five high schools. NSD is distinguished by five elementary schools and one middle school that received a score of seven or higher from the Great Schools grading service.

Local area colleges and universities include Old Dominion University and Tidewater Community College.

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