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New Market, VA Contractors


Although the area that would become New Market was settled during the early part of the 18th century, the region remained sparsely populated until the Revolutionary War. Shortly after the war's end, explosive population growth in eastern Virginia made the wild Shenandoah Valley look attractive by comparison. Thanks to its favorable position near the geographical center of the valley and the fertile soils that surrounded it, New Market quickly developed into a hub for trade and agriculture. Its central location also ensured that the town would play an important role in the Civil War. In fact, it's famous for hosting a fateful skirmish known as the Battle of New Market. These days, New Market's rich history has solidified its place as one of Virginia's most heavily visited small towns.


New Market sits in the central part of the Shenandoah Valley. To the west, the high peaks of the Blue Ridge Mountains and Virginia Highlands make east-west vehicle traffic very difficult. To the east, a lower but still significant ridge affects local transportation networks as well. As such, regional thoroughfares like Interstate 81 and U.S. Highway 211 follow the general contours of the land and offer breathtaking views that stretch for miles on end. New Market itself consists of a ring of residential development around a small commercial core that's largely protected from development by the Virginia Landmarks Commission and the National Parks Service. Outside of the city's limits, farmland and pastureland covers the valley's bottomlands. Deciduous and mixed forests cover the steep slopes of the valley's walls.

Population and Demographics

New Market's population exceeds 2,000 by a small margin. Although many local families have deep regional ties that stretch back for hundreds of years, other residents have been drawn by the area's mild climate, beautiful scenery and laid-back lifestyle. New Market is too far from Washington, D.C. or Richmond to serve as a bedroom community for either city, but many of the town's residents do choose to commute to nearby Harrisonville for work and school. Others work for the National Park Service or serve as part-time employees at the various local historical societies. New Market is also home to a friendly community of retirees.

Things to Do in New Market, Virginia

Although it's a rather small town, New Market attracts thousands of tourists on an annual basis. The city's entire downtown area is protected by the National Register of Historic Places, and New Market Battlefield State Historic Park houses the well-regarded Virginia Museum of the Civil War. With hundreds of wartime artifacts and detailed exhibits on the events of the Battle of New Market, the museum is a popular destination for school field trips and traveling families alike. For folks who prefer to spend more time outdoors, nearby Shenandoah National Park offers nearly endless hiking opportunities as well as modern campgrounds and a comprehensive array of interpretive resources. The famed Appalachian Trail also passes quite close to New Market, and the town serves as a watering hole for hikers who want to take a break from the trail.

Climate and Weather

New Market has a four-season subtropical climate with distinct continental influences. During the winter, nighttime lows regularly fall below freezing and make it difficult for local gardeners to overwinter even the hardiest plants. Although snowfall isn't uncommon, snowfall events that result in accumulations of a foot or more happen only a few times per decade. Meanwhile, local summers tend to mix warm, humid days with cooler, drier stretches. Thanks to the proximity of the mountains, cooling breezes regularly sweep through the valley and encourage residents to remain active during the height of the summer. In October and November, the hills come alive with breathtaking displays of color.

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