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Midlothian, VA Contractors

Midlothian, VA is a suburb about 15 minutes west of Richmond with a population of 35,000. In 2005, Midlothian was rated #99 in the CNN Money list of America's "Best Places To Live."


The town was named for the Wooldridge brothers who came from East Lothian and West Lothian, Scotland in the early 1700s to establish a coal mine. They started the first commercial coal mine in Virginia Colony. Coal was also being mined by French settlers, and by the 1730s, this resource was being exported to other locations throughout the Virginia Colony. In 1807, the Manchester Turnpike Toll Road was built, and by 1831 the Chesterfield Railroad was in place. Both transportation systems shipped coal to the Port of Manchester in Richmond, 15 miles to the east. In 1835, there were eight major coal mines operating in Midlothian. By 1850, the Richmond & Danville Railroad had established a Midlothian station named Coalfield, close to the mines, and in 1920, Midlothian's main road, the turnpike, became part of east-west Route 60.

The Richmond area was originally home to Native Americans who left the area in the early 1700s as French settlers began to arrive. The French settlers quickly discovered that the Midlothian area was very rich in coal, but the most successful miners were the Wooldridge brothers from Scotland; they controlled most of the mining in the area. Coal mining and exporting continued in the region until the late 1800s when it began to be replaced by other energy sources, namely oil, electricity and natural gas. With the closing of the mines, Midlothian residents sought other employment. The railroad provided easy access to Richmond, and many residents found employment there, becoming commuters. As time passed, the town of Midlothian became a fashionable Richmond suburb. Today, it's a wealthy, affluent and upscale community with a rich history.

Mid-Lothian Mines Park

The Mid-Lothian Mines Park is a tribute to Midlothian's coal mining industry. Mining coal was well underway by 1730, and it represented the first industrial development in colonized America. The park offers exhibits, tours and more.

Windy Hill Sports Complex

The Windy Hill Sports Complex is fun for the entire family. There's a nine-hole golf course, go karts for adults and kids, 36-hole miniature golf, and batting cages featuring slow and fast softball pitches.

Robious Landing Park

With direct access to the James River, visitors to Robious Landing can enjoy fishing, kayaking, boating and canoeing. There is also a 3.4-mile walking trail, a volleyball court, a floating dock, picnic shelters and playgrounds.

Inflation Nation

Inflation Nation is a 15,000 square-foot indoor inflatable playground. Kids can go wild with jumping, sliding and climbing while adults can grab a snack and relax in the lounge.

Ductless HVAC In Midlothian, VA

With hot summers and chilly winters, Midlothian has four distinct seasons. Summertime highs are around 90, while wintertime lows are in the mid-20s. Reliable heating and cooling systems are essential for indoor comfort, and with a ductless heat pump in Midlothian, you'll be weather-ready year-round. Mitsubishi Electric Mini Split Systems come with amazingly efficient state-of-the-art technology that's designed to lower energy costs while raising the bar on indoor comfort. Ductless HVAC installations take only a few hours, and with a zoned system, you can heat or cool only the rooms (or zones) you use. To learn more about saving money with a ductless air conditioner or heat pump, contact a Mitsubishi Electric Diamond Contractor in your neighborhood.