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Chesterfield, VA Contractors

Soak in Historic Views in Chesterfield, VA

River views, tree-lined roads and serene battlefields create a tranquil atmosphere in the hills around Chesterfield, VA. Chesterfield County, located just south of Richmond, encompasses more than 400 square miles. The population is about 325,000, making it one of the state's largest municipalities even though it doesn't include any incorporated cities. Chesterfield's scenic location along the James River, its interstate access and its proximity to Richmond make it an appealing place to call home.

Chesterfield History

The first settlement in today's Chesterfield County was at Henricus. The riverfront site was England's second permanent settlement in the U.S. It is now memorialized as a living history museum that teaches visitors about life in Virginia in 1611. The first official town in the U.S. was in Chesterfield County; Bermuda Hundred was incorporated in 1614. One famous resident was John Rolfe, who farmed tobacco there. Henricus and Bermuda Hundred were among the settlements attacked by the Powhatan in 1622. About 400 colonists were killed in a single day. Tribal leaders expected the British to abandon the region, but the settlers moved closer to one another and England sent soldiers to help. The massacre provided justification for revenge attacks and land seizures by the colonists.

Growth slowed in the area because of violence between the tribes and the settlers. By the 1700s, the situation was calm enough to attract the Huguenots from France. A large coalfield was found at Midlothian, and residents began to prosper. Chesterfield County was formed in 1749. The county housed a training center for the Continental Army during the Revolutionary War. During the Civil War, a battle was fought at Fort Darling in 1862, and the Bermuda Hundred Campaign roiled the area in May 1864.

Living in Chesterfield

Chesterfield County includes about two dozen unincorporated communities. One such village is the historic Chesterfield Court House district, which is home to about 3,500 people and serves as the county seat. Chesterfield County Public Schools serves nearly 60,000 students at more than 60 campuses. The school system is highly regarded and claims an on-time graduation rate of 89 percent, which is better than the state average.

Chesterfield Area Attractions

Chesterfield is sprinkled with intriguing glimpses of American history and is only minutes from the sights and sounds of Richmond. Pocahontas State Park encompasses about 8,000 acres in the heart of the county. The park is open for camping, fishing, hiking, horseback-riding and more. Parker's Battery was a Confederate artillery position. The out-of-the-way site includes a walking trail through the fortifications and a memorial. Magnolia Grange plantation home, located in Chesterfield Court House, is open for tours.

Chesterfield VA Ductless HVAC

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