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Chesapeake, VA Contractors

Chesapeake, VA Ductless Air Conditioning

Chesapeake, Virginia, is located in South Hampton Roads along the Intracoastal Waterway of Coastal Virginia. The area is noted for its natural landscapes, wooded areas and open spaces. The Great Bridge Area, which is usually referred to as the heart of the city, has a mix of older homes and new developments. Recreational and cultural activities are available for virtually every leisure preference.


The local workforce is highly educated and skilled. In fact, Chesapeake ranks in the top 10 percent for technology employment among of all major U.S. metropolitan areas. In 2010, Parenting Magazine named Chesapeake as the 45th most desirable place to live in the country.




Chesapeake has a rich history that includes many events that ultimately shaped the nation. Although the city was officially founded in 1963 when South Norfolk merged with Norfolk County, the first English settlement was established along the banks of the Elizabeth River in 1620.


The area served a pivotal role in the Revolutionary War when British Lord Dunmore fortified a position in anticipation of the arrival of American forces. The armies engaged on December 9, 1775, at the historic Battle of the Great Bridge, which was won decisively by the Americans.


During the civil war, the land that would later become Chesapeake was controlled by Union troops, who destroyed much of the existing infrastructure and laid waste to the land. When the war finally ended, reconstruction efforts were aided by the plentiful natural resources and the coastal location of Norfolk County.


Today, Chesapeake provides a distinctive blend of rural enterprise and urban centers. The local schools have exceptional ratings, and the city continues to prosper as it meets 21st century challenges.




Cultural, entertainment and recreational activities in Chesapeake are never far away. The city provides a variety of attractions targeted for virtually every age, interest and lifestyle. The biggest parks offer a wide array of amenities including modern sports facilities, boat ramps, campsites, fishing and playground equipment for children.


  • Dismal Swamp Canal: This historic waterway connects northeastern North Carolina to Virginia and is generally credited with being the oldest continuously operating waterway in North America. Pleasure boaters can navigate the canal between the Albermarle Sound and Chesapeake Bay.
  • Fun Forest: Located on three acres of City Park land, the Fun Forest is the ultimate playground, learning center and exciting family adventure. Park features include a dragon, shaky bridge, three-way underground telephone, dolphin tunnel slide and many other challenging attractions.
  • Chesapeake Arboretum: The 48-acre facility is dedicated to raising awareness of horticulture and the environment through education, exhibits and research. The Arboretum offers a fascinating trail system that winds through a hardwood forest and contains numerous varieties of plants and trees.




Chesapeake's demographics reflect the prosperity and emerging affluence of a vibrant and growing community.


  • Population: 245,782 as of 2012
  • Estimated Household Income: $66,563 as of 2011
  • Median Home Value: $257,200 as of 2011
  • Cost of Living Index: 98.9 (U.S. average is 100)
  • High School Diploma: 89.5 percent
  • Unemployment: 6.0 percent as of 2012
  • Industries: Construction, public administration, professional services




Chesapeake is part of the Chesapeake Public School District, which includes 28 elementary schools, 10 middle schools and seven high schools.


The District received a rating of seven out of a possible 10 from Great Schools, and seven schools received a rating of eight or higher.


Ductless HVAC System


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