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Finding a reliable, knowledgeable local contractor is one of the most important steps in the process of installing a new heating and cooling system. As efficient as Mitsubishi Electric ductless systems are, they must be selected, sized and installed correctly to reach their full performance potential. When you find a local contractor who understands Mitsubishi Electric technology, you ensure that you'll get the best performance possible from your new system.

Factory Authorized Contractors

If you're in the market for a Mitsubishi Electric ductless system, look for a Mitsubishi Electric Diamond Contractor. These independent contractors have taken comprehensive courses at Mitsubishi Electric-approved training centers. They've received individualized, hands-on experience in selecting systems for specific residential and commercial requirements, as well as installing and servicing those systems.

During training, they become acquainted with Mitsubishi Electric's full line of ductless systems, including P-series and M-series models, so they'll know exactly which system will best meet your needs. Training in system servicing helps contractors maintain technology specific to Mitsubishi Electric systems, such as the SmartCoil and i-See Sensor.

These contractors also agree to a code of conduct, expressing their commitment to conducting business in a professional manner and doing whatever it takes to find satisfactory solutions for customer service issues. Contractors who fail to meet these standards risk losing their Diamond Contractor status.

Diamond Contractors can take part in Mitsubishi Electric's Seven & Seven Warranty program. With this program, a contractor can offer you a seven-year limited warranty on your system's compressor and a seven-year warranty on other parts.

The generous 90 Days Same as Cash Program is another advantage Diamond Contractors can offer. You're unlikely to find such favorable credit terms offered for any other HVAC system. In addition, the Fast Response Credit System means you can count on a quick reply to your credit application.

NATE-Certified Contractors

NATE (North American Technician Excellence) is an independent third-party certification program that provides rigorous training in installation, maintenance and repair of HVAC systems. After its founding in 1997, it quickly rose to its current position as the only certification recognized by the entire HVAC industry. NATE certification is separate from state licensing and other basic requirements and is completely voluntary. Any technician who has taken the extra step of becoming NATE certified has shown a dedication to providing premium level services. These are among the best local HVAC contractors in any area.

An independent study found NATE-certified technicians receive 12.9 percent fewer callbacks than technicians who don't hold this certification. That shows they're more likely to get the job done right the first time. On average, NATE-certified technicians have around 25 percent more experience than non-certified technicians. Greater experience is an advantage that helps technicians avoid installation errors, as well as quickly troubleshoot and repair HVAC systems.

Finding a Contractor for Ductless Installation

Ductless heat pump installation isn't a project that you can hire just any HVAC technician to perform. Although most contractors can get the job done, inexperienced contractors are liable to make errors that compromise your system's energy efficiency and performance. Looking for a Mitsubishi Electric Diamond Contractor who is NATE certified will help you zero in on the best contractors.

Once you've found at least three local contractors you're considering working with, ask what their level of experience is with ductless heat pump installation or, more specifically, ductless air conditioning installation. Ask which Mitsubishi Electric air conditioner or other ductless system models they've installed. If you have a large home that requires a multi-zone system, find out if they've installed these systems before.

Although most contractors have at least some experience in residential system installation, fewer have completed commercial installations. These installations may involve anything from a small office to a sprawling factory floor. Due to their scale, they require special skills in system selection and sizing. If you're preparing for a commercial installation, check that your contractor has experience with these projects.

Find a Contractor for Repair Services

Mitsubishi Electric ductless systems are some of the most reliable on the market, but as with any mechanical system, there's always a chance something may go wrong. If your system stops working, look for a contractor who offers emergency repairs or 24-hour repair services. Many do, so there's no need to wait days to get your heating and cooling back on track. For less urgent issues, ask whether the contractor can provide a free estimate before making repairs. Ask about overtime charges, too.

Using our site to find local Mitsubishi Electric contractors makes it easy to get started. The ZIP code search provides you with a list of contractors in your area. Each contractor's profile gives you further information on their specialties and additional services offered, such as 24-hour emergency service.