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Energy Saving Tips to Maximize Costs and Comfort This Spring

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Save money by cutting energy costs.With winter weather hopefully behind us now, it's time to re-evaluate home energy usage. You can trim costs and maximize comfort this spring before the summer heat has your air conditioner running at full speed. 

Wasted Energy

A lot of energy is being used in your home without your knowledge. This vampire power is found in TV and computer equipment, battery chargers and virtually any electronic that has a glowing clock or standby mode. It can account for more annual energy usage than some appliances. Shed some light on hidden energy thieves with these tips:

  • Put TV and computer components on power strips that can be conveniently shut off when not in use. (You may want DVRs, modems and routers on separate plugs if in use overnight or while you're away.)
  • Microwaves cook efficiently but continually use energy for the clock and push-button controls. Unplug the microwave until needed.
  • Unplug and recycle that old fridge in the basement or garage. 

Energy-Saving Practices

Just changing how you do things will save a significant amount of energy. Consider these wallet-friendly tips:

  • Keep your refrigerator full. A full refrigerator keeps its cool when the door is opened better than one with empty space.
  • Use your microwave more. It uses less energy than your stove or oven, and the added benefit is that the kitchen won't heat up.
  • Save yourself time and energy by using the dishwasher. It uses less hot water than hand-washing and saves even more energy in air-dry mode.
  • Program the thermostat to regulate A/C temps at night or when you're away. Raise the temp and use ceiling fans for cooler air movement.
  • Limit the time the pool sweep and filter is in use, and upgrade to a multi-speed pool pump.
  • Shade windows with curtains, film, awnings, trees or shrubbery that allow filtered light but block UV rays.

For more spring energy savings for your home, contact us to find a Mitsubishi Electric Contractor near you.

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