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Annual Maintenance: Just as Important for Ductless A/Cs as It Is for Ducted

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Making an appointment for annual HVAC maintenence is important.Ductless A/Cs are quickly becoming the coolest choice for practical and energy-saving air conditioning for single zone and multiple zone applications. Whether you installed your ductless system for conditioning a home office, converted attic space, a workshop or for a smart conglomeration of genuine multi-zoned cooling comfort, make sure ductless system annual maintenance is on your springtime checklist.

Ductless System Advantage

Mitsubishi ductless A/Cs employ the same energy-efficient refrigeration principles for cooling as do their mammoth central A/C cousins. Both ductless and ducted systems require free airflow, correct refrigerant charge and optimal heat exchange to live up to their cooling efficiency ratings, otherwise known as the seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER).

However, ductless systems hold a few substantial advantages to central systems when it comes to performance and maintenance. Ductless air-handling units (AHUs) are point-of-use systems, providing high-efficiency refrigerant heat exchange (super-cooling) inside the living spaces. And, there are no air ducts to inspect, test, repair or seal, saving you money on all fronts.

Ductless System Annual Maintenance

While "mammoth" may be overemphasizing the size differences between ductless and ducted systems, the importance for professional annual system maintenance can't be overstated. Moreover, maintenance certainly shouldn't be underestimated for enjoying maximum zoned comfort and return on investment with ductless energy savings. Here’s why:

  • Airflow - The outside unit and fan are cleaned and cleared of any airflow restrictions.
  • Heat exchange - Refrigerant charge is measured. Coils and lines are checked for leaks and deep cleaned to promote heat exchange.
  • Drainage - Condensate pump and pan are inspected. Condensate line is cleared with compressed high-pressure gas to prevent clogging.
  • Electronics - Super-cooling and -heating sensors are tested. All electrical contacts are inspected for fit and wear. Temperature sensors for return air are checked.
  • Controls - All functions of WiFi, handheld and wired controls are tested where applicable.

Seamless operations of these components are required to promote optimal and continuous cooling. That’s what ductless air conditioning is all about—extracting maximum heat energy from your home for cool comfort and low cooling bills.

Contact us to schedule ductless system annual maintenance with a certified Mitsubishi Electric Contractor near your Virginia home.

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