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Need a New Heating and Cooling System But Worried About Aesthetics? Consider Going Ductless

Tuesday, October 08, 2013

As pleasant as Virginia's climate usually is, reliable heating and cooling is still vital for keeping your home comfortable. Staying comfortable shouldn't have to mean sacrificing aesthetics, though. With a ductless system, you can enjoy perfect indoor temperatures and pleasing aesthetics.

Ideally, a duct system is designed along with the house and installed during construction. When this isn't done, installing new ducts requires extensive reconstruction that could alter the look of your home's interior. Depending on the new ductwork's location, your walls, ceilings and floors may have to be broken open.

Ductless heating and cooling systems pose no risk of damage to your interior, and they're also quicker to install and often more energy efficient.

An Elegant Home Comfort Solution

Ductless systems consist of just three main parts: the outdoor unit, the line set, and the indoor air handler.

The outdoor unit is no bigger than a heat pump condensing unit. Depending on the system, it can be placed as much as 50 feet away from your home. This lets you install it in an unobtrusive location where it's protected from direct sunlight and cold wind.

The line set includes copper refrigerant tubing and electrical wiring. These lines connect the outdoor and indoor units through an inconspicuous 3-inch hole in your wall or ceiling.

Air Handler Options Offer Design Flexibility

The indoor air handler is typically only 7 inches deep and mounted high up on the wall. Because the location of the indoor unit isn't dependent on any existing ductwork design, you have more choice of what kind of air handlers to use and where to put them. Air handler design options include:

  • Wall-hung units
  • Ceiling-hung units
  • Ceiling cassettes recessed into the ceiling behind a grille
  • Vertical units that stand on the floor

Whether you want to retain the original aesthetics of an antebellum Virginia home or you just don't want to damage your modern home's carefully designed interior, a ductless air conditioning and heating system provides an effective, affordable solution.

To get started planning a new ductless system in your Virginia home, try our Find a Contractor service to connect with a qualified Mitsubishi Electric Contractor near you.

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