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Benefits of Using a Zoning System With Your Ductless Heating and Cooling System

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Virginia area homeowners have recently made the heating and cooling options available through the use of ductless mini-split systems quite popular, not only for their efficiency and economic operation but also for their flexibility in creating a convenient zoning system in occupied areas.

While ductless mini splits have long been favored for installation in new room additions, detached outbuildings, garage or attic conversions and retrofits in spaces formerly employing baseboard or radiator heating, they're now being used increasingly in new home construction as well.

With new homes are becoming more energy efficient, large, expensive central HVAC systems are being replaced by smaller, more economical mini splits, which consist of an outside compressor/condenser unit connected to inside air handlers through a small hole in the wall or ceiling. Plus, with the capability of creating a zoning system for as many as four separate areas inside your home, flexibility is another added advantage.

A multi-zone system can operate up to four separate air handlers running off one single outside unit. Each zone, which may consist of one room, several rooms or even an entire floor, has its own separate controls for setting heating and cooling levels as desired by the occupants. If a particular zone happens to be unoccupied at a certain time, the heating or cooling function can be appropriately reduced or shut off completely.

Using a zoned system means having conditioned air, either heated or cooled, exactly where and when you want it. In winter, when the lower floor of your home may be occupied and require heat, the upper floors may be turned down, merely subsisting on any heat transfer from the lower floor. Then, when the upper floor is occupied at night, units there may be activated while those on the lower floor are reduced to minimize energy consumption.

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