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Improve Indoor Air With the Best Air Purifying Plants

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Even if you love spending time outside with friends and family, it is a fact that humans spend many hours a day indoors. What most people do not realize is that the air in your home is not as pure as you think it is. You could spend several hundred dollars a year on an electric air purifier, or you could decorate your home with some of the top house plants that also purify your air.

The number one plant that not only looks beautiful but also purifies the air is the peace lily. This plant is known to reduce toxins in the air. It requires very little light and occasional watering which makes it the perfect plant for a bedroom or bathroom.

Another popular air-purifying houseplant is the snake plant. This unique plant takes very little water and light and will absorb harmful chemicals out of the air. The leaves take on a shiny, wavy look and it will grow almost anywhere.

One of the most well-known air purifying plants is the golden pothos. Although it could be poisonous for animals, it grows almost anywhere and removes many harmful chemicals out of the air. Homeowners often drape these plants along a window sill or over a fireplace mantel as a decorative accent as well as to boost indoor air quality.

If house plants are not your forte, consider upgrading your air conditioning unit which can also help purify the air. Mitsubishi A/C units are highly recommended by These units are energy efficient and do not require ductwork, which often benefits older homes that are not equipped with original ducts and installing them is cost prohibitive.

If you want to breathe better air, contact us at for more information about the best Mitsubishi A/C units for your Virginia home. Whether you use plants or an A/C to clean your air, you can enjoy your time indoors without worrying about pollution or harmful chemicals.


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