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How You Can Keep Tabs on Comfort Control With a Ductless Cooling System

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

With advanced technologies in ductless cooling systems, total home comfort control is placed squarely in your hands and cool energy savings in your pocketbook. Whether you need space cooling, multi-room cooling or if you’re undertaking a room addition or retrofit, ductless systems fit the cooling bill in practically any situation.

Benefits of ductless cooling systems

A ductless cooling system is a redesigned split-system air conditioner with a host of innovative solutions which deliver homeowners options for cooling one room to multiple rooms with the same compressor/condenser unit. These are some of the design, installation and cooling advantages ductless systems afford:

  • Outside compressor/condenser unit may be installed well over 100 feet away from each indoor air handler, which provides many inconspicuous location options for best aesthetics.
  • Each indoor air handler provides cooling and air filtration in the room or area (zone) without the need for installing or extending bulky ducts.
  • Each air handler is operated independently, offering a zoning system for total cooling energy-usage and comfort control.
  • Optional programmable models deliver care-free cooling and more energy savings.
  • The outdoor unit and indoor air handlers are connected by a thin conduit, which only requires a small hole in the outside wall of the home to link the ductless cooling system.

Ductless cooling vs. extending ducts

Ductless cooling systems offer advantages for zoning comfort control, practical installation options over extending ducts. Extending ducts often involves a multistep process for interior remodeling, finishing and painting drywall for walls and/or ceilings when space is limited for bulky ducts. Ducts also are inherently less energy-efficient than a ductless system, in that ducts always hold the potential to develop leaks, or lose heat energy through their thin walls.

Ductless cooling systems are typically installed in one day with minimal obtrusiveness (and intrusiveness) into the home. They are a practical cooling solution for many situations, including retrofitted attic or basement space, sun rooms, home offices and areas that are difficult to keep cool.

If total comfort control with a ductless cooling system makes sense for your home improvement project, contact Mitsubishi Electric Cooling & Heating to speak with an air conditioning contractor near your Virginia home who knows ductless cooling systems inside and out.


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