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Ductless Air Conditioning Sales, Service and Installation

If you're looking for a cost-effective, easy-to-install air conditioning system, you're in the right place. A ductless air conditioning system, or ductless heat pump, is as efficient as any standard heat pump system, but simpler to install. These high-efficiency HVAC systems offer great design flexibility, too.

Our skilled experts can help you choose a ductless air conditioning system and install it quickly and efficiently so you can start enjoying the benefits right away. We make it easy to connect with a local contractor to request a quote, get help with product selection and sizing, and begin installation. To get started, just enter your ZIP code.

  1. Find a Local Installer and Schedule an In-Home Consultation -- Use the ZIP code search to start looking for a local Mitsubishi Electric Diamond Contractor. Your search results will display a list of contractors in your area. All of our contractors are qualified to sell and install Mitsubishi Electric ductless systems so you will always find a contractor who's fully knowledgeable about these systems. Choose a contractor who's nearby and offers the services you're looking for. Once you've selected a Mitsubishi Electric Diamond Contractor, call to schedule a free in-home consultation to learn more about ductless air conditioning.


  1. Select & Size Your System -- If you decide ductless air conditioning is right for your home, the next step is to decide which system you want. The choice depends on the size of your home, your home's energy efficiency, the orientation of your home toward the sun and other factors. The system you choose must be sized accurately to provide optimal comfort and energy efficiency. Oversized systems waste energy, place excess wear on their components and don't manage humidity effectively. Undersized systems lack the power to keep you cool on the summer's hottest days.


  1. Install the Outdoor Unit -- The first step in the installation process is to install the outdoor unit (condenser). Your installer will start by choosing a location where airflow won't be impeded, that's not too near your bedroom or other quiet area, and that is shaded. This location should also be near where the indoor unit will be installed. The technician will install a pad designed to absorb vibration, which reduces noise and component wear. The outdoor unit will be mounted on this pad.


  1. Run the Refrigerant Line -- Next, your technician will install the insulated copper linesets. This connects the outdoor unit to the indoor unit. It contains the refrigerant lines, power cable and condensate drain line. The refrigerant lines must also be tested for leaks before any refrigerant is run through. With the lines installed, the technician will create a 3-inch hole in your wall or ceiling to run the lines through to be connected to the indoor unit.


  1. Install the Indoor Unit -- Finally, your indoor unit (evaporator), also called the air handler, will be installed. The versatility of the indoor units is one of the greatest benefits of ductless systems. As small and quiet as they are, these indoor units can efficiently condition even larger rooms. Although a single-zone system requires only one indoor unit, a multi-zone system can use up to four. Most of these units are an inconspicuous 7 or fewer inches deep. Mitsubishi Electric ductless systems may use wall-mounted units or horizontal units with ceiling-mounted air aid handlers. Floor-standing units are another option.